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3 Max 88% OFF Pieces Duvet Cover Set 100% 1 Cotton with Store Washed

3 Pieces Duvet Cover Set, 100% Washed Cotton 1 Duvet Cover with


3 Pieces Duvet Cover Set, 100% Washed Cotton 1 Duvet Cover with

Product description

Size:(King 90"x104")

Making over the master suite? Don’t forget to refresh your bedding set!

Add our Microfiber Duvet Cover for a touch of texture and style to your sleep space. As light as air and soft as mist, this brushed microfiber duvet cover exudes comfort that ensures a luxurious feel. Made from 100% microfiber polyester, this duvet cover set offers long-lasting strength, a natural resistance to shrinking, fading and wrinkles, and a noticeably soft hand feel. Plus, it’s machine washable for easy upkeep, so you can keep your space in good order.

We can customize any size, please contact me if necessary.

Available size:
Twin size : One Duvet cover (68x86") and 2 pillowcases (20x29")
Full size :One Duvet cover( 80x90") and 2 pillowcases (20x29")
Queen size : One Duvet cover( 90x90") and 2 pillowcases(20x29")
King size :One Duvet cover( 104x90")and 2 pillowcases(20x36")
Cal King size :One Duvet cover( 104x98")and 2 pillowcases(20x36")

our duvet cover uses 105 grams of ultra-fine fiber breathable fabric, which is more durable than other 90 grams of fabric.silky-like Microfiber fabric uses ultra-thin threads in a tightly spun mesh that feels incredibly soft while staying breathable.

Washing Mode:
1. About washing temperature: below 40 degrees, medium temperature.
2.Use neutral detergent. Wash dark color beeding separately.
3.Do not bleach. Do not soak for a long time. Flat dry.

Product introduction: This is a quilt cover, does not include any filler
1.Please kindly check the size before you buy it.
2.Due to light and computer displays, the color may vary slightly in actual setting.
3.Please allow 1-2cm measurement difference due to manual measurement.
4.Any questions about our items or service, please feel free to contact us. We shall try our best to reply as soon as possible.

3 Pieces Duvet Cover Set, 100% Washed Cotton 1 Duvet Cover with

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