WQinyu Max 48% OFF Black 304 Stainless Shelf Corner Bathroom Steel Bathroom,Shelf,,304,Corner,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Stainless,Steel,vorsoncattle.com,Black,$102,Bathroom,/divisional517322.html,WQinyu Bathroom,Shelf,,304,Corner,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Stainless,Steel,vorsoncattle.com,Black,$102,Bathroom,/divisional517322.html,WQinyu WQinyu Max 48% OFF Black 304 Stainless Shelf Corner Bathroom Steel $102 WQinyu Black 304 Stainless Steel Bathroom Bathroom Corner Shelf, Tools Home Improvement Hardware $102 WQinyu Black 304 Stainless Steel Bathroom Bathroom Corner Shelf, Tools Home Improvement Hardware

WQinyu Max 48% OFF Black 304 Stainless Popular products Shelf Corner Bathroom Steel

WQinyu Black 304 Stainless Steel Bathroom Bathroom Corner Shelf,


WQinyu Black 304 Stainless Steel Bathroom Bathroom Corner Shelf,

Product description

Color:Three-tiered Square Basket

⋆ 1. Material: Made of stainless steel, it will not rust, ensuring quality and service life in humid environment. It is very suitable for shower room and durable.
⋆ 2. Reasonable design: simple lines, net blue storage, light and breathable, dry and clean, to prevent bacterial growth.With a removable solid hook for carrying more items.
⋆ 3. Quality assured: thick and practical materials, processing with heart, strict control, quality assurance.Simple and elegant, tastes elegant, high and light, resistant to chemicals.
⋆ 4. Round surface: the surface is shiny, finely polished, no scratches, no damage to the hands.
⋆ 5. Easy to install: no drill, no screws, strong non-perforated adhesive tape, can be easily installed on the bathroom and kitchen walls, so you can avoid hiring professionals to drill and damage your walls.

WQinyu Black 304 Stainless Steel Bathroom Bathroom Corner Shelf,

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