Gold,Scorpio,,Necklace,Nove,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/business/contact,Zodiac,Unique,Symbol,$147,Pendant,with,14k Unique 14k Gold Scorpio Zodiac Over item handling ☆ Nove Pendant Necklace with Symbol $147 Unique 14k Gold Scorpio Zodiac Symbol Pendant Necklace with Nove Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women $147 Unique 14k Gold Scorpio Zodiac Symbol Pendant Necklace with Nove Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Women Gold,Scorpio,,Necklace,Nove,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Women,/business/contact,Zodiac,Unique,Symbol,$147,Pendant,with,14k Unique 14k Gold Scorpio Zodiac Over item handling ☆ Nove Pendant Necklace with Symbol

Unique We OFFer at cheap prices 14k Gold Scorpio Zodiac Over item handling ☆ Nove Pendant Necklace with Symbol

Unique 14k Gold Scorpio Zodiac Symbol Pendant Necklace with Nove


Unique 14k Gold Scorpio Zodiac Symbol Pendant Necklace with Nove

Product description

This stylish and trendy 14k gold charm pendant necklace features a Scorpio Zodiac Symbol with a Orange-yellow Cubic Zirconia Gemstone. This dazzling piece of fine jewelry is exquisitely crafted in authentic solid gold with a satin finish, this radiantly charming commemorative pendant necklace is the perfect embodiment of your Zodiac! Individually hand polished to a lasting high sheen polish finish. This pendant is both of unsurpassed quality and impressive design.
Available in White, Yellow or Rose Gold
*Pendant sizes and weights may vary to each symbol.*

Customize your pendant with 12 Colored Birthstones to choose from:

♑January Birthstone – Capricorn (Red)

♒February Birthstone – Aquarius (Violet)

♓March Birthstone – Pisces (Blue)

♈April Birthstone – Aries (White)

♉May Birthstone – Taurus (Green)

♊June Birthstone – Gemini (Violet)

♋July Birthstone – Cancer (Red)

♌August Birthstone – Leo (Green-yellow)

♍September Birthstone – Virgo (Blue)

♎October Birthstone – Libra (White)

♏November Birthstone – Scorpio (Orange-yellow)

♐December Birthstone – Sagittarius (Blue)

Unique 14k Gold Scorpio Zodiac Symbol Pendant Necklace with Nove

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