$190 ADHW Out/Indoor Jumping 60" Youth Kids Trampoline Exercise Safet Home Kitchen Furniture ADHW Out discount Indoor Jumping 60" Youth Trampoline Kids Safet Exercise Out/Indoor,Jumping,/articles/depression/teenagers-guide-to-depression.htm,60",Safet,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Exercise,Youth,Trampoline,Kids,$190,ADHW,vorsoncattle.com $190 ADHW Out/Indoor Jumping 60" Youth Kids Trampoline Exercise Safet Home Kitchen Furniture ADHW Out discount Indoor Jumping 60" Youth Trampoline Kids Safet Exercise Out/Indoor,Jumping,/articles/depression/teenagers-guide-to-depression.htm,60",Safet,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Exercise,Youth,Trampoline,Kids,$190,ADHW,vorsoncattle.com

ADHW Out discount Indoor Jumping 60

ADHW Out/Indoor Jumping 60" Youth Kids Trampoline Exercise Safet


ADHW Out/Indoor Jumping 60" Youth Kids Trampoline Exercise Safet

Product description

The 60" Round Outdoor Trampoline with Enclosure Netting is made with premium quality, thickened tube legs for durability and stability. Safety enclosure netting prevents the jumper from accidentally slipping off the jumping surface onto the ground. Highly elastic springs offer a great bounce at each jump. Heavy-duty jumping mat is reinforced to provide stronger and longer-lasting attachment to the springs. This trampoline is sure to bring hours of bouncing fun to kids, while giving parents peace of mind with safety enclosure and sturdy structure.


5. Bring kids hours of bouncing fun
6. Safety enclosure and sturdy structure give parents peace of mind

1. Poles Material: Spray-painting amp; EPE Foam
2. Legs Material: Spray-painting
3. Jumping Mat Material: U.S.A PP UV Resistant Material
4. Spring Cover Pads Material: Oxford amp; Sponge
5. Frame Tube Material: Spray-painting
6. Product Size: 51.18" / 130cm (High) , 60" / 150cm in diameter
7. Packing Quantity: 1 set / carton
8. Package Size: (32.28 x 13.39 x 8.27) / (82 x 34 x 21)cm (L x W x H)
9. Net Weight: 36.16 / 16.4kg

Package Includes:
1 x 60 "Round Trampoline (To Be Assembled)

ADHW Out/Indoor Jumping 60" Youth Kids Trampoline Exercise Safet

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