$35 Youmeer Dinosaur-Shaped Plush Kids Sofa Cute Cartoon Figure Soft Home Kitchen Furniture /scabrosely3202894.html,Sofa,Cute,vorsoncattle.com,Soft,Cartoon,Kids,Home Kitchen , Furniture,$35,Youmeer,Dinosaur-Shaped,Figure,Plush /scabrosely3202894.html,Sofa,Cute,vorsoncattle.com,Soft,Cartoon,Kids,Home Kitchen , Furniture,$35,Youmeer,Dinosaur-Shaped,Figure,Plush $35 Youmeer Dinosaur-Shaped Plush Kids Sofa Cute Cartoon Figure Soft Home Kitchen Furniture Youmeer Dinosaur-Shaped Plush Kansas City Mall Kids Sofa Cartoon Soft Figure Cute Youmeer Dinosaur-Shaped Plush Kansas City Mall Kids Sofa Cartoon Soft Figure Cute

Youmeer Dinosaur-Shaped Plush Kansas City Mall Kids Sofa Cartoon Soft Figure Attention brand Cute

Youmeer Dinosaur-Shaped Plush Kids Sofa Cute Cartoon Figure Soft


Youmeer Dinosaur-Shaped Plush Kids Sofa Cute Cartoon Figure Soft

Product description



1. No Collapse: Filled with high-quality PP cotton, it rebounds quickly and has good support.

2. Cartoon Design: The animation image is meticulous in workmanship. The armrest design makes it look like hugging a child!

3. Skin-friendly amp; Delicate: The surface is made of soft fabric with delicate touch, which is comfortable and smooth, does not shed hair or fade.

4. Anti-skid Bottom: The bottom has anti-skid glue particles, which can hold the ground firmly and is not easy to slip.

5. Multifunctional: Not only designed for being used as a seat for children, but also can be used as a hugging toy! It can be a good companion for kids.


Actual color may be slightly different from the image due to different monitor and light effect.

Please allow 1-3cm deviation due to manual measurement.


Modeling category: Animal

Animal classification: Dinosaur

Filling material: PP cotton

Height: 50cm

Battery: No

Color/Style: As the picture shown

Application: for Toddler, Learning to Sit

1 x Dinosaur-shaped Plush Kids Sofa

Youmeer Dinosaur-Shaped Plush Kids Sofa Cute Cartoon Figure Soft

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