EcoQuality Industry No. 1 Black Sushi Trays with Lids - Disposabl Inch x 5 7.25 $22 EcoQuality Black Sushi Trays with Lids 7.25 x 5 Inch - Disposabl Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Black,$22,Sushi,,7.25,/scabrosely3202794.html,with,EcoQuality,Lids,Inch,5,-,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,x,Disposabl,Trays EcoQuality Industry No. 1 Black Sushi Trays with Lids - Disposabl Inch x 5 7.25 Black,$22,Sushi,,7.25,/scabrosely3202794.html,with,EcoQuality,Lids,Inch,5,-,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,x,Disposabl,Trays $22 EcoQuality Black Sushi Trays with Lids 7.25 x 5 Inch - Disposabl Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

EcoQuality Industry No. 1 Black Sushi Trays with Lids - Detroit Mall Disposabl Inch x 5 7.25

EcoQuality Black Sushi Trays with Lids 7.25 x 5 Inch - Disposabl


EcoQuality Black Sushi Trays with Lids 7.25 x 5 Inch - Disposabl

Product description

Item Package Quantity:100

EcoQuality Black To Go Plastic Sushi Containers with Lids

✔ Utilized by many Sushi Restaurants

✔ Great for take out and delivery orders for sushi trays

✔ Perfect small size to fit your favorite Sushi Rolls, Desserts, Entrees and more

✔ Authentic design and feel

✔ Easily Stackable

✔ Made from Recycled Plastic

✔ Size: Lid: 7.40 x 5.20 x 1.22 Inches Base: 7.25 x 5 x 0.83 Inches
✔ Authentic Japanese Design

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EcoQuality Black Sushi Trays with Lids 7.25 x 5 Inch - Disposabl

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