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ZLGE Home Fitness equipmentFitness Power Baltimore Mall Tower Workout Daily bargain sale Gym

ZLGE Home Fitness equipmentFitness Power Tower Home Gym Workout


ZLGE Home Fitness equipmentFitness Power Tower Home Gym Workout

Product description

Multi-functional Dip Stands, allowing you to exercise your muscles
This is a multi-functional mechanical treadmill that relies on its own strength to drive the running belt, which makes it more effective.
Adjustable Height for the Chin Up Bar, only take few seconds to do the adjustment.
Full Body Workouts - Pull Ups, Dips, Knee Raises, Press ups and more
Max user weight 250kg
Gives you the power to evolve into any body you desire.
Basic parameters:
Single parallel bars type: indoor and outdoor single parallel bars
Material: steel
Size: 160*66.4*225cm (62.9*26*88.5 inches)
Applicable people: children, young people, old people, can be used.
Use space: Small footprint, no space, you can put it in the living room, I am, balcony, corridor, outdoor, lawn。
Suitable for: Home use only
Exercise Capabilities (combined with bench – not included)
Chest: Incline press, flat press, decline press, press ups
Back: Pull ups, bent over row, reverse grip row, dead-lifts
Shoulders: Shoulder press, shrugs, upright row
Legs: Squats, lunges, romanian dead-lifts, calf raises
Abs: Leg raises, knee raises, side leg raises, side knee raises
After sales service:
Thank you for choosing and purchasing our products.
Our service aim is fast,decisive,accurate,thoughtful and thorough.
Our service goal is to win customer satisfaction with service quality.

ZLGE Home Fitness equipmentFitness Power Tower Home Gym Workout

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