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VPABES Portable Weekly update Barber Suitcase Golden Organizer Bo Trust Styling Tool

VPABES Portable Barber Suitcase Golden Styling Tool Organizer Bo


VPABES Portable Barber Suitcase Golden Styling Tool Organizer Bo

Product description



  • Portable travel carrying display and storage organizer attache case for barber stylists,Great to organize clippers, trimmers, blades, shears, combs, brushes and other styling tools.
  • The Product is large capacity, it can hold 4pieces different size electric clippers, can hold 8pieces different size scissors.Inside can put fan, electric rod, comb, cloth and other items, can put 5pieces combs of different sizes.
  • Fix the machine position. Put the electric clippers in and fix it firmly, no longer worry about it.
  • Metal corner design, thick nail reinforcement, so that the box is not deformed and strong Double password buckle design can better protect the safety of the contents of the box.
  • The initial password is 000, and the load-bearing handle is ergonomically designed, portable and comfortable.


Color: golden

Material: fireproof board + metal

Width: 40cm/15.75"

Hight: 28cm/11"

Thickness: 16cm/6.2"

Capacity: Scissors/hair dryer/comb/clip

Application: hair stylist/pet groomer, etc.

Package Includes:

1 x Barber Carrying Case(not include electric clippers,scissors,combs and so on)


Color might be slightly different due to the color calibration of each individual monitor.

Please allow the tinny measuring deviation due to manual measurement.

VPABES Portable Barber Suitcase Golden Styling Tool Organizer Bo

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