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Dessert Stand Gold Mirror Wedding Dessert Tray Cake Stand Weddin


Dessert Stand Gold Mirror Wedding Dessert Tray Cake Stand Weddin

Product description

Gold Mirror Wedding Dessert Tray Cake Stand Wedding Party Birthday Decoration Plate Cake Biscuits Display Decoration plate

1.It could be used as cake display,cupcake stand,dessert stand serve,candies,cookies or serve for fruit.
2. for weddings,parties,birthday parties or any other events.
3.This cake stand is easy to install,totally reusable and wash easily.
4.Screw the plate into the base,then install the pendants and beads as
you like.

Product Imformation:
Cake Tools Type:Stands
Sexually Suggestive:No
Type:Cake Tools
Obscene Picture:No

Package Contents:
1* Bubble bag
1* decoration plate
1* crystal

Dessert Stand Gold Mirror Wedding Dessert Tray Cake Stand Weddin

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