Pasta 4 years warranty Bowl Ceramic Mixing Creative Cutl Dish Breakfast $42,Creative,Pasta,Bowl,,/mocuck3116275.html,,Ceramic,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Dish,Ceramic,Cutl,Breakfast,Mixing $42 Pasta Bowl, Ceramic, Mixing Creative Ceramic Dish Breakfast Cutl Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $42,Creative,Pasta,Bowl,,/mocuck3116275.html,,Ceramic,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Dish,Ceramic,Cutl,Breakfast,Mixing $42 Pasta Bowl, Ceramic, Mixing Creative Ceramic Dish Breakfast Cutl Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Pasta 4 years warranty Bowl Ceramic Mixing Creative Cutl Dish Breakfast

low-pricing Pasta 4 years warranty Bowl Ceramic Mixing Creative Cutl Dish Breakfast

Pasta Bowl, Ceramic, Mixing Creative Ceramic Dish Breakfast Cutl


Pasta Bowl, Ceramic, Mixing Creative Ceramic Dish Breakfast Cutl

Product description


Name: Ceramic tableware
Color: As shown
Pieces: 2
Material: ceramic
Size: Rice bowl (diameter 12.5cm, height 7.8cm)
Size: square plate (diameter 31.5cm)
Weight: 0.8kg
Suitable for: microwave, dishwasher, disinfection cabinetoven
Features: Unique design, environmental protection, practical and beautiful
Ceramic tableware are handmade and each one is unique.
This spaghetti bowl ceramic production process is made in Japanese style, after the traditional handcrafted grill to complete the production. This mixing bowl is environmentally friendly and is irreplaceable to plastic bowls, which are baked and then turned into hard stoneware bowls, an Asian bowl with a history of 8,000-10,000 years.
LIXBD brand bowls, there are more than 1000 styles, suitable places contain kitchen, restaurant, store, hotel, service. You can use ceramic bowls to prepare your favorite dishes, salads, pasta, hand-rolled pasta, fruit, rice porridge. Ice cubes, etc.
If you don't like this porcelain bowl, please search LISBD bowl, you will find more beautiful bowls all painted and hand-painted pattern.

Pasta Bowl, Ceramic, Mixing Creative Ceramic Dish Breakfast Cutl

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