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Curtain 96 inches Long for Quantity limited Living Phoenix Mall Or Room- Mandala Floral Yellow

Curtain 96 inches Long for Living Room- Yellow Mandala Floral Or


Curtain 96 inches Long for Living Room- Yellow Mandala Floral Or

Product description

Size:52"W x 96" L

Material: 100% Polyester

Available in Size
52"W x 24"L, 52"W x 36"L, 52"W x 45"L
52"W x 52"L, 52" x 63"L, 52" x 72"L
52"W x 84"L, 52"W x 90"L, 52"W x 96"L
Deeply impressed your friends, family, and guests with these window curtain panels on any window

?Nice Looking
Window panels can be used alone or paired with blackout curtains. They will look great in your living rooms and bedrooms

?Privacy Protection
These curtains are not transparent but enough to let just the right amount of natural light to flow into the room but no one can see through

?Decent Decor
Your bedroom, guest room, living room, patio door, porch, farmhouse, hall or your beach house will be decorated elegantly and economically by these exquisite airily and lightness sheer curtain

?Easy To Hang
Each curtain panel has 6 silver metal grommets on top. Each grommet inner diameter is 1.6 inch, comparable with most rods. Easy to hang, and slide smoothly

?Natural Inspired Pattern
Chic style, lively curtains deliver elegance, luxury, romance elements, and modern or traditional style to your home.will coordinate well with any decor theme

?Care InstructionsThese fresh curtains can be machine washable in cold water, followed by a tumble dry

Curtain 96 inches Long for Living Room- Yellow Mandala Floral Or

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