$31 Table Set: Rectangular Low Wood Table Plus Two Cushions Tea Tabl Home Kitchen Furniture $31 Table Set: Rectangular Low Wood Table Plus Two Cushions Tea Tabl Home Kitchen Furniture $31,Tea,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Wood,Set:,vorsoncattle.com,Table,Plus,Two,/mocuck2545075.html,Cushions,Low,Tabl,Table,Rectangular Table Set: Rectangular Low Wood Two Plus Cushions Tea Max 41% OFF Tabl $31,Tea,Home Kitchen , Furniture,Wood,Set:,vorsoncattle.com,Table,Plus,Two,/mocuck2545075.html,Cushions,Low,Tabl,Table,Rectangular Table Set: Rectangular Low Wood Two Plus Cushions Tea Max 41% OFF Tabl

Table Very popular! Set: Rectangular Low Wood Two Plus Cushions Tea Max 41% OFF Tabl

Table Set: Rectangular Low Wood Table Plus Two Cushions Tea Tabl


Table Set: Rectangular Low Wood Table Plus Two Cushions Tea Tabl

Product description

Size:only one squreseat

This table is 100% handmade from natural wood, water hyacinth and rattan. The beige bases are made out of smooth wood which is non-slip and anti-wear. The cushions are made of water hyacinth and wood fame inside. The simple and classic design fits perfectly with all kinds of home décor. Table Measurements: S: L60cm x W40cm x H30cm M: L70cm x W40cm x H30cm L: L80cm x W40cm x H30cm Seats Measurements: Square: L30cm x W30cm x H13cm Round: D3OcmxH13cm

Table Set: Rectangular Low Wood Table Plus Two Cushions Tea Tabl

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