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AEINNE Outdoor Practice Net online shopping Golf cheap for Backstop Ball Backyard

AEINNE Outdoor Practice Net, Golf Ball Net Backstop for Backyard


AEINNE Outdoor Practice Net, Golf Ball Net Backstop for Backyard

Product description

Sport Netting Barrier; (two-dimensional rectangular shaped Net Material).
【Multi Purpose Netting】:
The hole spacing size of this net is 3 cm (6/5 in), which is small enough to use with golf balls / baseball / soft-toss baseball / softball / basketball / soccer / hockey / ice hockey pucks / lacrosse ball / tennis balls etc.
☆ As a ball-stop to keep balls from crossing.
✔ Stop balls from shooting into your backyard / keep the ball from going into neighbor's yard.
✔ Basketball retaining net/ rebounder net to make a basketball back stop.
☆ As a backstop for pitching / batting / hitting.
✔ Home pitching practice; A great back stop for pitchers to practice throwing.
✔ Betting practice for soft toss and tee practice etc.
✔ For homemade batting cage; garage batting tee.
✔ As a containment net for a futsol/soccer court; soccer goal net or a kicking net.
☆ Indoor Protection amp; Safety etc.

-Spacing Size: 6/5 in (3 cm);
-Rope Diameter: 3/25 in (3 mm);
-Various size in Length by Width of the net can be selected from the options.
-We provide a variety of sizes and specifications of nets, which can be customized according to your needs; If you have any custom requirements, please feel free to email us! We will contact you asap!

Comes with Free【rope amp; Self-locking Nylon Cable Tie】for the auxiliary installation of the net.

Material: Polyester.
Light weight, no obvious elasticity, not easy to get damaged or deteriorated.
Durable enough for all-weather year long outdoor use.
Strong enough to tolerate and stand up sports balls to high-speed impact.
Having Extended ropes on all four corner of the net.
Reinforced with thicker ropes on all four sides of the net.

● Because the product size is purely manual measurement, the size of the received prod

AEINNE Outdoor Practice Net, Golf Ball Net Backstop for Backyard

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