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XJPB Left Hand Charlotte Mall Hair Fashionable Cutting Professional Scissors Hairdressi Set

XJPB Left Hand Hair Cutting Scissors Set,Professional Hairdressi


XJPB Left Hand Hair Cutting Scissors Set,Professional Hairdressi

Product description

Ergonomic patented design, equipped with a curved finger rest and comfortable finger hole, this hair cutting scissor can be used by all types of fingers.
This high-quality scissors are hand-polished, they combine elite materials and processes to achieve the highest standards for lasting quality.
As the hairdressing scissors are very sharp, please place them in an area out of reach of children when not in use to avoid damage to children.

Product advantages:
Left Hand Hair Cutting Scissors Set
Size: 6.0 Inch
Weight: 7 Ounce
Total length: 17.5 cm
Thinning Scissors: 20-25% thinning rate
Comfortable design
Adjustable Scissors Screws
This scissors are hand-polished
Sharp, Durable, and Wear-resistant
High resilience muffler can reduce the friction between the handle
Great for beginners,and professionals can still use them as a second set

Package content:
1 x Hair Cutting Scissors
1 x Thinning Shears
1 x Leather Holster

XJPB Left Hand Hair Cutting Scissors Set,Professional Hairdressi

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