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400bar Non-Toxic Good Flame Retardancy Popular Excellent overseas Steel High-Pre Pipe Wire

400bar Non-Toxic Good Flame Retardancy, Steel Wire Pipe High-Pre


400bar Non-Toxic Good Flame Retardancy, Steel Wire Pipe High-Pre

Product description


1. The working temperature range is suitable for solvents, paints, hydraulic oils
2. Come with good flame retardancy, impact resistance, aging resistance, fatigue resistance, non-toxic
3. Possess good high and low temperature performance, strong adaptability, high elasticity, high elongation, high strength
4. The working pressure can reach 400bar and the burst pressure can reach 1600bar
5. Withhold type connector, bring stable connection, ensure safety, and can be used with confidence


Item Type: High-Pressure Pipe
Material: Nylon, high tensile steel wire, industrial fiber
Specification: 5/16in
Tube Inner Diameter (I.D.): Approx. 8mm / 0.3in
Tube Outer Diameter (O.D.): Approx. 15.2mm / 0.6in
Maximum Working Pressure: 40MPa (400bar, 5800psi)
Minimum Burst Pressure: 160MPa (1600bar, 23200psi)
Test Pressure: 800bar
Safety Factor: 4: 1
Elongation Under Working Pressure: ±1.5%
Minimum Bending Radius: Approx. 50mm / 2in
Operating Temperature Range: -40℃~93℃
Lining: Nylon
Reinforcement: High tensile steel wire
Cover: Polyurethane
Product Features: Oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, high pressure resistance
Scope of Application: Solvent transportation, spraying, hydraulic oil
Joint Form: Withhold type joint

Package List:

1 x High-Pressure Pipe

400bar Non-Toxic Good Flame Retardancy, Steel Wire Pipe High-Pre

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