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YINGZI Simulation At the price of surprise Rose Ranking TOP1 Artificial Wreaths Peony Silk

YINGZI Simulation Simulation Rose Artificial Wreaths Silk Peony


YINGZI Simulation Simulation Rose Artificial Wreaths Silk Peony

Product description


Front door wreath: Welcome friends and family with this beautiful artificial welcome wreath. This floral door wreath will decorate your home in romantic atmosphere. It is also best gift for your lovers on Christmas, Valentine's day, Thanksgiving, Spring, ect.
Note: Since the wreath is handmade, the size will be slightly different. Please consider carefully.
Products include:
1 x wreath
1) We will fold the flower package, after receiving the parcel, you can straighten yourself, this does not affect the beauty of the flowers, please understand, thank you!
2)The color may be a little different depending on your monitor. There may be 1-3cm of size deviation due to manual measurement.

YINGZI Simulation Simulation Rose Artificial Wreaths Silk Peony

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