$226 ERLAN Adjustable Telescoping Marine Ladder - Premium Stainless 4 Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness ERLAN Adjustable Max 52% OFF Telescoping Marine Ladder 4 Stainless Premium - 4,Adjustable,-,ERLAN,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Telescoping,Premium,/levelly2545095.html,vorsoncattle.com,Stainless,Ladder,Marine,$226 $226 ERLAN Adjustable Telescoping Marine Ladder - Premium Stainless 4 Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness 4,Adjustable,-,ERLAN,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Telescoping,Premium,/levelly2545095.html,vorsoncattle.com,Stainless,Ladder,Marine,$226 ERLAN Adjustable Max 52% OFF Telescoping Marine Ladder 4 Stainless Premium -

ERLAN Adjustable Max 52% OFF Telescoping Marine half Ladder 4 Stainless Premium -

ERLAN Adjustable Telescoping Marine Ladder - Premium Stainless 4


ERLAN Adjustable Telescoping Marine Ladder - Premium Stainless 4

Product description

♥ This telescopic boat ladder is made to be bolted to a horizontal platform such a the boat floor or side railings depending on the installation. Hinged bracket allows for the ladder to fold over platform (270° rotation) for easy fitting.

♥ Product Parameters:
- Material: 316 Stainless Steel
- Length Extended: 115cm/ 45.3inch
- Length Folded: 44cm/ 17.3inch
- Width (Outside of Bracket): 35cm/ 13.8inch
- Weight: 5.5kg / 12 lbs
- Load: 150kg / 330 lbs
- Package: 1 × Boat Ladder + Mounting Accessories

♥ Feature:
- Easy to Use: Installation is very easy, in addition to boats with platforms, it's also perfect for most swimming pools, docks, pontoons, and more!
- The design of this platform ladder makes it possible to be used as on a pontoon boat. Installation is very easy, simply bolt the ladder to a horizontal platform and you are ready to use it!

♥ Tips:
- Manual measurement products may have dimensions of a few centimeters of difference, please understand.
- There may be some differences between the image and the product due to display and lighting reasons, please refer to the actual product.

ERLAN Adjustable Telescoping Marine Ladder - Premium Stainless 4

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