$91 WggWy 12 Inches 13 Tones Steel Tongue Drum, Percussion Instrumen Musical Instruments Drums Percussion WggWy 12 Inches 13 Tones Steel Drum Tongue Percussion Instrumen List price $91 WggWy 12 Inches 13 Tones Steel Tongue Drum, Percussion Instrumen Musical Instruments Drums Percussion $91,12,Steel,vorsoncattle.com,Drum,,Tones,Inches,Tongue,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,WggWy,Percussion,Instrumen,/laterotorsion2544897.html,13 $91,12,Steel,vorsoncattle.com,Drum,,Tones,Inches,Tongue,Musical Instruments , Drums Percussion,WggWy,Percussion,Instrumen,/laterotorsion2544897.html,13 WggWy 12 Inches 13 Tones Steel Drum Tongue Percussion Instrumen List price

WggWy 12 Inches 13 Tones Recommendation Steel Drum Tongue Percussion Instrumen List price

WggWy 12 Inches 13 Tones Steel Tongue Drum, Percussion Instrumen


WggWy 12 Inches 13 Tones Steel Tongue Drum, Percussion Instrumen

Product description


The Tongue Drum Can Produce A Clean, Ethereal, Buddha-Like Sound, Just Follow Your Heart To Explore, And Its Ethereal Sounds Can Purify Your Mind And Soul, And Makes You Achieve Inner Peace.

Steel Drum Are Suitable For Various Fields, Including Music Education, Yoga Meditation, Performances, Religious Activities,Gift And So On. Perfect For Adults To Relieve Stress , Children Gifts.

If You Are Novices, The Supplied Music Book And Note Stickers Help You Master This Percussion Instrument Drum Quickly. Even Randomly Hitting The Note Steel Tongue Drum Can Also Emit Beautiful Sounds.

Package Content:
1 X Steel Tongue Drum
1 X Use Tutorial (Instruction)
1 X Pair Of Drumsticks
1 X Drumstick Stand
1 X Spare Audio Sticker
1 X Pair Of Finger Cots

1. This Size Information Is For Reference Only. Due To Manual Measurement, An Error Within 0.5 Inches Is Allowed.
2. Due To The Different Resolution Of Each Monitor, The Color May Be Slightly Different, Please Understand.

WggWy 12 Inches 13 Tones Steel Tongue Drum, Percussion Instrumen

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