Kids,/intermarine3202766.html,Trampoline,,Indo,Storage-Easy,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,$125,Inflatable,LightClouds,Folding LightClouds Kids Inflatable Today's only Trampoline Folding Indo Storage-Easy $125 LightClouds Kids Inflatable Trampoline Folding Storage-Easy Indo Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness $125 LightClouds Kids Inflatable Trampoline Folding Storage-Easy Indo Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness LightClouds Kids Inflatable Today's only Trampoline Folding Indo Storage-Easy Kids,/intermarine3202766.html,Trampoline,,Indo,Storage-Easy,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,$125,Inflatable,LightClouds,Folding

Super special price LightClouds Kids Inflatable Today's only Trampoline Folding Indo Storage-Easy

LightClouds Kids Inflatable Trampoline Folding Storage-Easy Indo


LightClouds Kids Inflatable Trampoline Folding Storage-Easy Indo

Product description

Children's Inflatable Trampoline Jumping Bed Outdoor Amusement Trampoline

No assembly required: simple operation and clear at a glance. The mini Trampoline is ready to use out of the box.

Durable material: Made of PVC and high-quality nylon fabric, it is waterproof, resistant to deformation and abrasion, and more durable. High elastic cloth has good elasticity.

Safety fence: The inflatable trampoline adopts safety fence and high-quality zipper design. The teeth of the zipper are tight and it is not easy to pull the chain. Provide adequate safety protection for children.

Easy to inflate and deflate: easy to travel and store. It can be easily folded and stored, saving space after use, and includes a set of protective accessories.

Great gifts: very suitable for children’s birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, trampoline gifts, activity toys, backyard toys, gifts for grandparents! Take it to vacations, family gatherings, play dates, a place where kids can play!


Material: PVC+nylon+fiber

Box size: 45cmx33cmx15cm

Product unfolded size: 118cm x118cm x 112cm

Product folded size: 45cmx33cmx15cm

Product package:

1x inflatable trampoline

LightClouds Kids Inflatable Trampoline Folding Storage-Easy Indo

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