$21 Royal Tara The Set of 2 Scottish Thistle Celtic Mug Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Royal Tara The 5 ☆ very popular Set of 2 Scottish Celtic Mug Thistle Royal Tara The 5 ☆ very popular Set of 2 Scottish Celtic Mug Thistle $21 Royal Tara The Set of 2 Scottish Thistle Celtic Mug Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Tara,of,$21,Scottish,Royal,Mug,Celtic,The,vorsoncattle.com,Set,2,/intermarine3202666.html,Thistle,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining Tara,of,$21,Scottish,Royal,Mug,Celtic,The,vorsoncattle.com,Set,2,/intermarine3202666.html,Thistle,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining

Royal Tara The 5 ☆ very popular Set of 2 Scottish Celtic Mug Sales of SALE items from new works Thistle

Royal Tara The Set of 2 Scottish Thistle Celtic Mug


Royal Tara The Set of 2 Scottish Thistle Celtic Mug

Product description

For dining décor pieces that reflect your culture and show off your love for your cherished country of Scotland, add this Thistle Celtic Mug to your drinking ware collection. This mug is a true standout with a striking tulip shape with a broad brim that smoothly tapers down to a slim base, complemented by a wide handle. The bottom and top borders, including the interior border at the brim, are decorated with elegant red-trimmed swirl patterns of blue and green that are reminiscent of ancient Celtic art. Decorating the exterior body of the mug is more Celtic-inspired art that includes intricate Celtic Knots in rich jewel tones of yellow, green, red, and blue. Celtic Knots were not only revered for their mesmerizing beauty but also for their special meanings, as their infinite loops were used to represent eternal love. Front and center on the mug is the Scottish Thistle, the national flower of Scotland. According to legend, the thistle became the nation’s flower when a Viking invader stepped on one and let out a cry that alerted Scottish fighters to danger, helping them quell the invasion. Enjoy your morning coffee or tea in this mug!

Royal Tara The Set of 2 Scottish Thistle Celtic Mug

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