SETSCZY 21 Pieces Flowers Porcelain Set Limited price sale Cof Tea Ceramic Vintage $124 SETSCZY 21 Pieces Flowers Porcelain Tea Set, Vintage Ceramic Cof Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining SETSCZY 21 Pieces Flowers Porcelain Set Limited price sale Cof Tea Ceramic Vintage $124 SETSCZY 21 Pieces Flowers Porcelain Tea Set, Vintage Ceramic Cof Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Tea,Porcelain,Ceramic,$124,Vintage,Set,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cof,SETSCZY,Flowers,/illustrable3103490.html,Pieces,21, Tea,Porcelain,Ceramic,$124,Vintage,Set,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cof,SETSCZY,Flowers,/illustrable3103490.html,Pieces,21,

SETSCZY 21 Pieces Flowers Porcelain Set Limited price Ranking TOP4 sale Cof Tea Ceramic Vintage

SETSCZY 21 Pieces Flowers Porcelain Tea Set, Vintage Ceramic Cof


SETSCZY 21 Pieces Flowers Porcelain Tea Set, Vintage Ceramic Cof

Product description


Product name European coffee cup set
Matching: 6 cups, 6 saucers, 6 scoops + pot to send shelf
Material high-quality ceramics
Packaging mail order packaging (foam + carton)
Use to send relatives and friends/leaders/colleagues romantic European style
Remarks: Hand-drawn inevitably has some small flaws Flaws exist, do not affect the use.

SETSCZY 21 Pieces Flowers Porcelain Tea Set, Vintage Ceramic Cof

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