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Window Treatment Sheer Dealing full price reduction Curtains Fort Worth Mall with Elegant Newspaper Sunflower

Window Treatment Sheer Curtains Elegant Sunflower with Newspaper


Window Treatment Sheer Curtains Elegant Sunflower with Newspaper

Product description

Size:80" W By 63" L

â¦Bedroom Window Curtais Illustration Curtains Set of 2 Panels

â¦2 Panels Drapes Size Chart:
54" W By 39" L
80" W By 63" L
80" W By 84" L
104" W By 52" L
104" W By 63" L
104" W By 72" L
104" W By 84" L
104" W By 90" L
104" W By 96" L
â¦Measurements are the total of the 2 curtain panels together.
â¦Come with 2 Panels Draperies amp; Curtains.
â¦Easy Care -Machine wash with cold delicate cycle, Hang dry.

â¦Look semi transparent curtain 2 panels made by silky polyester, smooth touch and lightweight.Nice home decoration for bedroom, living room, kitchen, dining room, patio door, silding glass door, office, kid's room and dorm room

Window Treatment Sheer Curtains Elegant Sunflower with Newspaper

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