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Side End Table Nightstand Bedroom National uniform free shipping Furniture Room Wh Max 76% OFF with Drawers

Side End Table Nightstand Bedroom Room Furniture with Drawers Wh


Side End Table Nightstand Bedroom Room Furniture with Drawers Wh

Product description

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  • Includes Hardware, Storage Area
  • Construction : Screws
  • Dimensions : 12.0 In. X 16.0 In. X 24.0 In.
  • Color : White
  • Compatible well with any decor of your room
  • Material : MDF
  • Finish : Painted
  • Stylish and modern design
  • Proper size in lightweight design, easy and convenient to move
  • Featuring 2 drawers, offering storage space for your daily supplies
  • Top material : Wood
  • Assembly : Assembly Required
  • Frame material : Wood

Side End Table Nightstand Bedroom Room Furniture with Drawers Wh

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