$154 Lolicute Dental Mobile LED Cold Bleaching Teeth Whitening Blue L Beauty Personal Care Oral Care Lolicute Dental Mobile LED Cold Teeth Easy-to-use Whitening Blue L Bleaching Teeth,L,Bleaching,$154,Cold,/illustrable2545290.html,LED,Mobile,Lolicute,Dental,Whitening,Blue,Beauty Personal Care , Oral Care,vorsoncattle.com Lolicute Dental Mobile LED Cold Teeth Easy-to-use Whitening Blue L Bleaching $154 Lolicute Dental Mobile LED Cold Bleaching Teeth Whitening Blue L Beauty Personal Care Oral Care Teeth,L,Bleaching,$154,Cold,/illustrable2545290.html,LED,Mobile,Lolicute,Dental,Whitening,Blue,Beauty Personal Care , Oral Care,vorsoncattle.com

Lolicute Dental Mobile LED Cold Teeth Easy-to-use Whitening Blue Max 71% OFF L Bleaching

Lolicute Dental Mobile LED Cold Bleaching Teeth Whitening Blue L


Lolicute Dental Mobile LED Cold Bleaching Teeth Whitening Blue L

Product description

Allow you to test the suitability of our product:
When you receive the product, please open the package first to test the usability of the product.
If it cannot be used, it may be damaged due to logistics delivery.
Please contact me directly, and I will reissue new products with you immediately.

The quality is guaranteed:
Built-in detailed instructions to help you use it faster and better.
Responsible after-sales team, provide professional guidance.We will try our best to fix any problem you might have.

If you don't like it for any reason, please send us message directly, we will resolve it immediately.

Product Features:
Enclosed disposible sheath,prevent cross-infection,clean and convenient,let patient feel relieved.

Product Specification:
Input voltage:100-240V, 50/60Hz
Broad Spectrum: 430nm ~ 520nm(Host lamps)
Light Output power: Up to 2000 mW/cm
Max. Working Radius: 38cm
Weight: 4.8kg
Max.Working Radius: 50cm

Packing Include:
1*Main Body
1*Power Cord
10*Mouth Sheath
2*Mouth retractor
1*Remote control
1*User manual

Lolicute Dental Mobile LED Cold Bleaching Teeth Whitening Blue L

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