ANSP88 - EMAX ES08AII Micro Highly With S Special price for a limited time Analog Sensitive Servo -,With,EMAX,$21,Servo,Toys Games , Vehicles,Highly,ES08AII,Analog,ANSP88,S,/illustrable2544990.html,Sensitive,,Micro -,With,EMAX,$21,Servo,Toys Games , Vehicles,Highly,ES08AII,Analog,ANSP88,S,/illustrable2544990.html,Sensitive,,Micro ANSP88 - EMAX ES08AII Micro Highly With S Special price for a limited time Analog Sensitive Servo $21 ANSP88 - EMAX ES08AII Micro Highly Sensitive Analog Servo With S Toys Games Vehicles $21 ANSP88 - EMAX ES08AII Micro Highly Sensitive Analog Servo With S Toys Games Vehicles

ANSP88 - EMAX ES08AII Micro Highly With S Special price for a Sale Special Price limited time Analog Sensitive Servo

ANSP88 - EMAX ES08AII Micro Highly Sensitive Analog Servo With S


ANSP88 - EMAX ES08AII Micro Highly Sensitive Analog Servo With S

Product description

Operating voltage: 4.8V-6.0V

Operating speed: 0.12/0.10sec/60degree

Stall torque: 1.5/1.8kg/cm

Item size:3.2*2.4*1.2cm/1.3*0.9*0.5in

Item weight: 9g

Cable length: 23cm/9.1in

Package size:4.7*4.2*3.1cm/1.9*1.7*1.2in

Packing weight: Approx.17g/0.6oz

ANSP88 - EMAX ES08AII Micro Highly Sensitive Analog Servo With S

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