$319 15 Pack! 24" Push Broom Head with Black and Blue Unflagged Brist Health Household Household Supplies 15 Pack 24" Push Broom Head Blue Black Brist Great interest Unflagged and with 15 Pack 24" Push Broom Head Blue Black Brist Great interest Unflagged and with vorsoncattle.com,Head,Push,/gibberose3202879.html,Blue,$319,with,24",and,Brist,Health Household , Household Supplies,15,Unflagged,Broom,Pack!,Black vorsoncattle.com,Head,Push,/gibberose3202879.html,Blue,$319,with,24",and,Brist,Health Household , Household Supplies,15,Unflagged,Broom,Pack!,Black $319 15 Pack! 24" Push Broom Head with Black and Blue Unflagged Brist Health Household Household Supplies

15 Pack 24

15 Pack! 24" Push Broom Head with Black and Blue Unflagged Brist


15 Pack! 24" Push Broom Head with Black and Blue Unflagged Brist

Product description

Broom for Indoor and Outdoor Use for More Efficient Cleaning and Storage
For us, better means higher quality, finer craftsmanship and a commitment to thoughtful design.This multi-surface push broom can be used both indoors and outdoors. We set out to create a line of cleaning tools that would improve the overall cleaning experience.
Sturdy Handle
This broom's handle provides the support needed for heavy-duty sweeping in any operation! Made of hight quality material , this durable handle has been crafted to stand tough against constant use and features an ergonomically rounded top for added comfort.
Our brushes are made to have excellent balance to reduce sweeping fatigue

Item Length: 24 Inches
Block Material: Plastic
Item Bristle Material: Synthetic
Bristle Style :Unflagged
Broom Type: Push Brooms
Style: Straight
Type: Broom Heads

15 Pack! 24" Push Broom Head with Black and Blue Unflagged Brist

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