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Advancey Room Clearance SALE! Limited time! Darkening Windows Curtains shop Truck Day St. Patrick’s

Advancey Room Darkening Windows Curtains St. Patrick’s Day Truck


Advancey Room Darkening Windows Curtains St. Patrick’s Day Truck

Product description

Size:52"x90" x2 Panels

Bring Light and Breez

Wake up to a cheerful morning with these light color window curtains. Start the morning bright and cheerful.

Our thermal insulated curtains help in saving on energy cost as they reduce the amount of heat lost in cooler months and reflect heat in the summer.
Compliments Every Setting

You can place these in your living room, bedroom, kid's rooms, office etc. Appropriate for every environment that requires a lightening effect with an elegant look.
Grommet Top Design

Using the “Grommet Top Design” of the curtain, you will find it quite easy to install your new curtains where you will have to simply install it and then slide it onto the rod and that’s it! Simple as that! And there you have it, your room has a fresh new look and feel.The inner diameter measures in around 1.5994 inches each which makes it quite easy in the installation process.

Due to the polyester material, it should avoid rubbing with rough objects to produce hairballs.

Advancey Room Darkening Windows Curtains St. Patrick’s Day Truck

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