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10x10 Ft Outdoor Soldering Virginia Beach Mall Patio Garden Gazeb Gazebo Shading Tent

10x10 Ft Outdoor Patio Garden Gazebo Tent,Outdoor Shading, Gazeb


10x10 Ft Outdoor Patio Garden Gazebo Tent,Outdoor Shading, Gazeb

Product description


This gazebo can help you to enjoy the extra shading of this patio gazebo.Combines stunning design qualities with superb craftsmanship, ideal for providing temporary shade for both commercial and household outdoor activities.our sides.

Weight amp; Dimensions
Overall Size:10Ft x 10Ft x 8.8Ft(300 LX300 WX268 H cm)

Item Weight:65 lbs
Interior Space Width-side To Side:104" (265 cm)
Interior Space Depth-front To Back:104" (265 cm)
Carton Size:80.28“x12.6”x7.28“
Gross Weight:71 lbs
Ship Type (Small Parcel, LTL):Small Parcel
Frame Material :Steel
Frame Finish Color :Black
Frame Finish :Powder Coated Finish
Rust Resistant:Yes
Side Curtain Included:Yes
Curtain Closing Mode:Zipper
Mesh Screens Included:Yes
Pieces Included:1xGazebo;1xinstruction
Snow Load Capacity:20 lbs
Roof Hanging Weight Capacity:10 lbs
Adjustable Height:No
Weather Resistant:Yes
Fire Resistant :Yes
Simple Water Resistant :Yes
Compatible Installation Surfaces :All Surface Types
Installation Required :Yes
Level of Assembly :Full Assembly Needed
Adult Assembly Required :Yes
Suggested Number of People:2
Installation Style :Anchored
Additional Parts Required:No
Assembly Instructions Included :Yes
Installation Tools Included :Yes

10x10 Ft Outdoor Patio Garden Gazebo Tent,Outdoor Shading, Gazeb

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