$74 Artificial and Dried Flower Products Dried Flowers Baby's Breath Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Artificial and Dried Max 74% OFF Flower Baby's Flowers Breath Products Artificial and Dried Max 74% OFF Flower Baby's Flowers Breath Products $74 Artificial and Dried Flower Products Dried Flowers Baby's Breath Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,and,Baby's,$74,Artificial,Dried,Flower,Dried,vorsoncattle.com,/gibberose3106879.html,Flowers,Breath,Products Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,and,Baby's,$74,Artificial,Dried,Flower,Dried,vorsoncattle.com,/gibberose3106879.html,Flowers,Breath,Products

Translated Artificial and Dried Max 74% OFF Flower Baby's Flowers Breath Products

Artificial and Dried Flower Products Dried Flowers Baby's Breath


Artificial and Dried Flower Products Dried Flowers Baby's Breath

Product description


Item Description:



Color|9 Different Colors

Packing|White cardboard with Plastic sealed bag. 8Pcs Per Bag

Holiday|Wedding,Christmas,Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Year, Graduation, Monther's day, Father's Day, April Fool's Day, Easter, Back to School, Chinese Year, Earth Day and So on

Function|DIY Teaching Specimen, Pendants, Painting, Picture Frame, Bracelets,Handi flower and so on


1. Standard Packing: White cardboard with Plastic sealed bag

2. Special: Could make packing as per customer's requirement, MOQ is over 10,000pcs

3. Card, Box, Hangtag or any package is ok

4. Packing design is offered by customer.

Item Specification:

Classification: Dried Flowers

is_customized: No

Type: Hybrid

Style: Flower

Flower Style: Flower Head

Occasion: Mother's Day

Nameflowers: Baby's breath

Color: 9 Different Colors

Size: L 4-6CM

MOQ: 80 Pcs

Type: Decorative Flowers amp; Wreaths, Babys breath

Artificial and Dried Flower Products Dried Flowers Baby's Breath

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