vorsoncattle.com,Shelter,Waterproof,$191,Tent,Tarp,/gibberose3106479.html,YONGJUNfangsuibu,Tarpaul,Cover,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Tarp YONGJUNfangsuibu Tarp Tent Shelter Tarpaul shopping Cover Waterproof YONGJUNfangsuibu Tarp Tent Shelter Tarpaul shopping Cover Waterproof vorsoncattle.com,Shelter,Waterproof,$191,Tent,Tarp,/gibberose3106479.html,YONGJUNfangsuibu,Tarpaul,Cover,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Tarp $191 YONGJUNfangsuibu Tarp Tent Shelter Tarp Cover Waterproof Tarpaul Tools Home Improvement Hardware $191 YONGJUNfangsuibu Tarp Tent Shelter Tarp Cover Waterproof Tarpaul Tools Home Improvement Hardware

YONGJUNfangsuibu Tarp Tent Shelter Tarpaul shopping Free shipping / New Cover Waterproof

YONGJUNfangsuibu Tarp Tent Shelter Tarp Cover Waterproof Tarpaul


YONGJUNfangsuibu Tarp Tent Shelter Tarp Cover Waterproof Tarpaul

Product description

Size:3x 5m

Welcome to YONGJUNfangsuibu store.
THE BEST AROUND: Made from high qulity, this material is made to last. Don't get tired of replacing torn, worn-out plastic tarps, use one that offers the best protection and is designed to last.
Name: Army Green Silicone Cloth Waterproof: Double Side Waterproof
Color: Army Green
Gram weight: 600g/㎡
Thickness: 0.9mm
Note: The tarpaulin is a soft material and there may be errors in thickness measurement.
Features: thick, wear-resistant scratch-resistant, anti-sun, anti-freeze, anti-aging,
Uses: warehouses, pile yards, construction sites, docks, trucks, ships, aircraft, open-air cargo covering, etc.
Premium Quality
Quality is of the utmost importance to us, and begins at product development.

We believe that only a well thought-out product will meet customer expectations and can be manufactured to continual high standards.

We produce our products using high quality materials and adhere to strict quality control standards.

We work together with external testing laboratories to sustain the high quality of our products.
MULTIPURPOSE USE: Cover and protect your car, or wood and building materials at construction sites; keep floors clean using this is a drop sheet when painting or polishing - the uses are endless.

EXTRA THICK amp;STRONG: The high quality of this protective tarp is amazing. This has the strength and durability you need.
If you need any help,tell the seller.

YONGJUNfangsuibu Tarp Tent Shelter Tarp Cover Waterproof Tarpaul

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