Mahjong Max 87% OFF Set PU Box Packaging Chinese Lettering Traditional Gold Packaging,Box,,Gold,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,$132,Mahjong,Chinese,/gibberose3041079.html,Traditional,PU,Set,,Lettering Packaging,Box,,Gold,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,$132,Mahjong,Chinese,/gibberose3041079.html,Traditional,PU,Set,,Lettering Mahjong Max 87% OFF Set PU Box Packaging Chinese Lettering Traditional Gold $132 Mahjong Set, PU Box Packaging Traditional Chinese Lettering Gold Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies $132 Mahjong Set, PU Box Packaging Traditional Chinese Lettering Gold Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies

Mahjong Max 87% OFF Set PU Box New sales Packaging Chinese Lettering Traditional Gold

Mahjong Set, PU Box Packaging Traditional Chinese Lettering Gold


Mahjong Set, PU Box Packaging Traditional Chinese Lettering Gold

Product description


Type:Mah Jongg

Mah Jongg Size: 40 *30*20MM

Weight: 6000g

Quality: strict quality processing

Applicable: unisex

Includes: 1 box

Mahjong Tiles are Engraved with Traditional Chinese Characters

146 Scratch-Resistant Tiles

Standard Size Mahjong Set: This Chinese mahjong set plays by Chinese rules, not American/Western rules, so it contains no Joker tiles or Arabic numeral markings, just the pure and original characters and iconography used in traditional Chinese mahjong tile art.Not for American style Mahjongg game.

Classic Chinese Set is Easy to Learn

This set is engraved with traditional characters and makes for a great introduction to a Chinese mahjong game set.

WARNING: Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Mahjong Set, PU Box Packaging Traditional Chinese Lettering Gold

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