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OUR WINGS Kitchen Rug PVC Standing Rapid rise Kit Anti-Fatigue Pieces 2 Mat Max 50% OFF

OUR WINGS Kitchen Rug PVC Standing Mat Anti-Fatigue 2 Pieces Kit


OUR WINGS Kitchen Rug PVC Standing Mat Anti-Fatigue 2 Pieces Kit

Product description


When you buy doormats for home kitchens, you can consider leather materials. Compared with ordinary felt materials, leather materials are durable, not easy to shedding, and can withstand water stains. Even standing barefoot on the kitchen rug will not feel uncomfortable. It is very suitable for housewives and chefs who need to stand for a long time. Therefore, on Christmas, Halloween, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Valentine's Day, the kitchen doormat can be given to him, her, and them as gifts.

Product Specifications
Package include: Set of 2 kitchen rugs
Size: 18"x30" and 18"x47" / 18"x30" and ​18"x59"
2 kitchen mats of different sizes can be used in combination or individually.

Nursing Tips
Do not wring dry after washing, it is better to choose flat and dry.
It can be cleaned regularly every day to avoid odor.

OUR WINGS Kitchen Rug PVC Standing Mat Anti-Fatigue 2 Pieces Kit

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