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Champagne Airbrush Brand new Sprayer Shooter Injecto Max 62% OFF Pistol Wine

Champagne Airbrush Sprayer Champagne Shooter Pistol Wine Injecto


Champagne Airbrush Sprayer Champagne Shooter Pistol Wine Injecto

Product description

-Material: plastic.
-The unique design makes it an excellent wine gift for wine lovers.
-Efficient and easy to control. Convenient for party use.
-The bubble jet is connected to the bottle and turns it into a spray.
-Exquisite design it is. Your good helper.
-Wide range of applications parties festivals KTV bars etc.
- Colour: Black.
-Size: about 15X13. 5X2. 5CM.

Package Included
1 x champagne sprayer

Champagne Airbrush Sprayer Champagne Shooter Pistol Wine Injecto

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