PVC,Table,Pad,Protector,$25,/gibberose2545279.html,1.6mm,ZYAM,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cove,Desk,Frosted,Thick,vorsoncattle.com,Cover ZYAM 1.6mm Thick Gorgeous Desk Cover Protector Frosted Pad PVC Table Cove PVC,Table,Pad,Protector,$25,/gibberose2545279.html,1.6mm,ZYAM,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Cove,Desk,Frosted,Thick,vorsoncattle.com,Cover ZYAM 1.6mm Thick Gorgeous Desk Cover Protector Frosted Pad PVC Table Cove $25 ZYAM 1.6mm Thick Desk Cover Protector Frosted PVC Pad Table Cove Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining $25 ZYAM 1.6mm Thick Desk Cover Protector Frosted PVC Pad Table Cove Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

ZYAM 1.6mm Thick Gorgeous Austin Mall Desk Cover Protector Frosted Pad PVC Table Cove

ZYAM 1.6mm Thick Desk Cover Protector Frosted PVC Pad Table Cove


ZYAM 1.6mm Thick Desk Cover Protector Frosted PVC Pad Table Cove

Product description


How to lay it flat on the table when unfolding?

1. Heat the dryer to blow air or expose the table protection cover to the sun within a few minutes;

2. Place the heavy object in the reverse rolling direction of the pressure pad within a few days;

3. Use auxiliary tape points to fix the table protector in place.

4. Use a hot air blower to heat, and place some heavy objects on the curled place.

5. Rolled package saves your transportation cost.

Material: environmentally friendly, BPA-free PVC

Color: transparent

Thickness: 1.6 mm

Packing: 1 x table cloth

Packing: roll

The transparent table top protector is very suitable for dining tables, wooden tables, glass, marble, stainless steel countertops, desks, writing desks, coffee tables, and coffee tables, TV cabinets, dressing tables, bedside tables, countertops, hard floors, etc.

Due to the peculiar

ZYAM 1.6mm Thick Desk Cover Protector Frosted PVC Pad Table Cove

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