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Rainbow Cup Gradient Colorful Glass Free Shipping New Wine Goblet Cha Bright Columbus Mall

Rainbow Cup Gradient Colorful Glass Goblet Bright Wine Glass Cha


Rainbow Cup Gradient Colorful Glass Goblet Bright Wine Glass Cha

Product description

★. Product description:
Lead free crystal glass material, high quality guarantee, non-toxic, harmless and tasteless, for bars, parties, families, restaurants, hotels.

★. High-quality hand-made perfect, our products achieve a perfect balance between weight, clarity and elegance, so that the products have unparalleled quality and cost performance..

Material: Lead-free glass
Features: Thickened glass, the creative cup bottom is stable and heavy, and the grip is comfortable.
Uses: family, bar, etc.

★. Packaging:
1* Wine glass

★.Due to manual measurement, there are small errors.

★.The innovative style cup is very fresh and eye-catching. Unique, novel and eye-catching design. Suitable for family, party, bar and other occasions, very suitable for personal use..

★.Our commitment to excellence: we are passionate about the products that stand behind to ensure your trust and satisfaction to provide excellent quality, and our desire is to provide you with a legendary drinking experience!

Rainbow Cup Gradient Colorful Glass Goblet Bright Wine Glass Cha

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