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Hawthorne Collections Full Wooden Gray trend rank Bed Platform Recommended in

Hawthorne Collections Full Wooden Platform Bed in Gray


Hawthorne Collections Full Wooden Platform Bed in Gray

Product description


Refresh your bedroom with modern style and updated comfort with theHawthorne Collections Full Platform Bed. Inspired by mid-century design, this full size bed frame boasts retro detail with contemporary accents and organic aesthetics to bring trending modernity to your guest bedroom or teenager's bedroom. This platform bed frame is a sturdy addition to the bedroom with a durable wood, MDF, and veneer construction and four tapered rubberwood legs. Eliminating the need for a box spring, this full bed is complete with a wood slat support system, reinforced center beam, and supporting legs that make it a lasting mattress foundation for memory foam, latex, innerspring, and hybrid mattresses.

Features :

Finish: Gray
Wood, MDF, and Veneer Construction
Wood Slat Support System
Rubberwood Legs
Assembly Required.

Specifications :

Product Dimensions : 15.5" H x 57.5" W x 80" D
Product Weight : 55 lbs
Weight Capacity : 601 lbs.

Hawthorne Collections Full Wooden Platform Bed in Gray

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