Place,C,Set,of,/gastrointestinal3041093.html,Mats,7,,Table,Runner,Resistant,Washable,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$30,with,Heat $30 Table Runner with Place Mats Set of 7, Heat Resistant Washable C Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Table Runner with Place Mats Set Resistant C Washable 7 of Heat Popular standard Table Runner with Place Mats Set Resistant C Washable 7 of Heat Popular standard Place,C,Set,of,/gastrointestinal3041093.html,Mats,7,,Table,Runner,Resistant,Washable,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,$30,with,Heat $30 Table Runner with Place Mats Set of 7, Heat Resistant Washable C Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Table Runner with Place Mats Set Resistant C Washable 7 of Heat Popular standard Max 87% OFF

Table Runner with Place Mats Set of 7, Heat Resistant Washable C


Table Runner with Place Mats Set of 7, Heat Resistant Washable C

Product description

Size:13"x90" +13"x19"x6

?Mordern Table Runner and Place Mat Set?
?Eye-catching kitchen or dining table decorations, create a relaxed and high grade dining atmosphere.
? A fun inspired collection for a party or décor.

-Material: Cotten -(polyester) Linen Table Runner and Placemats
-Package: 1 piece table runner and placemats set of 6

?3 Standard Size Options
-13"x70" table runner and 13''x19'' placemats
-13"x90" table runner and 13''x19'' placemats
-16"x72" table runner and 13''x19'' placemats

-The universal table runner is best for use both in business, such as restaurants /hotels and or home settings.
-Comes in different seasonal designs are great if you are hosting any coffee gatherings, picnics, parties, holiday ceremonies, wedding.
-Great gift idea for all occasions, Housewarming, Christmas, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Valentines, Thanksgiving, St.Patricks Day.
-Match all kinds of styles of furniture, perfect for every day table settings.

?Focus on Details
-Edges are Hemmed and Sewn prevent problems such as thread dropping and falling off.
-The table runner effect is smooth and the drooping effect is natural and beautiful.

?Friendly Reminder
-Machine washable with cold water, gentle cycle amp; tumble dry low.
-Do not expose to the sun for a long time to avoid possible color differences. Do not Bleach.
-Slight color difference should be acceptable due to the different monitors.

Table Runner with Place Mats Set of 7, Heat Resistant Washable C

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