Urinals for Low price Men Spill Proof Urinal Potty Portable 2000ml Men's $23 Urinals for Men, Spill Proof Men's Potty Portable Urinal,2000ml Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment Urinals for Low price Men Spill Proof Urinal Potty Portable 2000ml Men's vorsoncattle.com,Men,,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Urinals,Spill,Portable,for,Urinal,2000ml,Potty,Men's,/gastrointestinal2544993.html,$23,Proof vorsoncattle.com,Men,,Health Household , Medical Supplies Equipment,Urinals,Spill,Portable,for,Urinal,2000ml,Potty,Men's,/gastrointestinal2544993.html,$23,Proof $23 Urinals for Men, Spill Proof Men's Potty Portable Urinal,2000ml Health Household Medical Supplies Equipment

Urinals for Low price Men Spill Proof Urinal Potty Portable 2000ml Men's New product! New type

Urinals for Men, Spill Proof Men's Potty Portable Urinal,2000ml


Urinals for Men, Spill Proof Men's Potty Portable Urinal,2000ml

Product description


Product description
2 in 1 Suitable for Everyone: the tube can be detachabled,2 ways to use this urinal.

Capacity : 2000ml
Body Material : PE
Tube Length : 160cm / 62.9 in (app)

Suitable for
1. Bedridden patients,elderly care
2. Incontinence care populations
3. For those of someone who can't walk and walk inconvenient
4. The choice of long distance drivers is really good.
5. Someone who needs for long song festivals and far away porta-potties.

Package Included:
1 x Male's Urinal

Friendly Tips
1. Don't forget to wash after each use for personal hygiene.
2. Urinal is plastic materials, please stay away from high temperature and boiling water.
3. There is a small hole in the white lid, which is our design. Because urine has a temperature, it produces some gas. Vent hole is desig.
4.Due to shooting problems, the color and size of the product may be slightly different. Please understand that if you have any questions during the use of the product, please contact us in time. We will serve you wholeheartedly and wish you a happy shopping.

Urinals for Men, Spill Proof Men's Potty Portable Urinal,2000ml

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