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Spring new work one after another AMZBTY 3000mAh Battery for Instruments Nippon regular agency Applied 742-0 SM-72330-3P

AMZBTY 3000mAh Battery for Applied Instruments SM-72330-3P 742-0


AMZBTY 3000mAh Battery for Applied Instruments SM-72330-3P 742-0

Product description

We provide you with reliable and assured batteries in all aspects.

- Compatible Model:

  • Super Buddy
  • Super Buddy 29
  • Super Buddy 21

- Compatible Battery Part Number:
  • SM-72330-3P
  • 742-00014

-If you need a large amount of purchases, please contact us in time, we will provide sufficient discounts.

- MSDS UN38.3 CE and ISO9001 Certificate for quality assurance.

Purchase Tips
Before buying a battery, you must carefully check whether the model and part number are consistent with the battery described by us.
If you have any questions, please contact us in time, and we will promptly answer and confirm the correct model for you.

AMZBTY 3000mAh Battery for Applied Instruments SM-72330-3P 742-0

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