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Student Cello Handmade Acoustic Violin Basswood National uniform free shipping Quality inspection Alloy Set Br

Student Cello Handmade Acoustic Violin Set Basswood Alloy Br


Student Cello Handmade Acoustic Violin Set Basswood Alloy Br

Product description

This 3/4 size violin is suitable for women or people aged 9-11 with arm length 56.5-60 cm for music education and development.
It comes with a light storage bag to protect the violin from vibration, safe and convenient to use, and convenient to carry and store.

Size: 3/4
Colour: Black
Body Material: Basswood
Exhaust material: alloy
Bow material: Brazilian wood
Item size: 55 * 19.5 * 3.6cm / 21.6 * 7.6 * 1.4in
Packing size: 73*25*13cm/28.7*9.8*5.1in
Package weight: 1311g / 46.2oz

packing list:
1 * Violin
1 * bow
1 * Storage box
The size of the violin has a great influence on the child's playing posture and method.
How to choose the right size violin for children?
Clamp the violin to your chin and stretch out your left arm to touch the violin reel. If you can hold the scroll with your left hand, it means this violin is suitable for you. If the fingers of your left hand can only touch the scroll, it means that the violin is a bit big for you. If your left wrist can touch the scroll, it means that the violin is a bit small for you.

Student Cello Handmade Acoustic Violin Set Basswood Alloy Br

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