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Range Rider Stockman Stainless Steel Max 71% OFF Wate Blade Fixed Knife Salt Import

Range Rider Stockman Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knife Salt Wate


Range Rider Stockman Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knife Salt Wate

Product description


This survival knife fixed blade is made from premium high-quality materials and guaranteed to last for a very long time. Perfect self defense knife for hunters, travelers and people who demand the very best combat knife for everyday use. Our sharp army knife will stay sharp as a razor blade.

Stainless steel blade fortified with added alloys to resist and prevent corrosion in even the worst conditions.


Small knife stylist is not only in the design of the blade, handle but also in the product color. Work knife with pocket clip very helpful and stylish.

Don`t forget to drop it in your backpack, and it is a good machete knife for Indoor and Outdoor Activities. To be a proud owner of a different made hunting knife with sheath and be a part of its rich history - press add to cart and order our hunting knife set.

No questions asked money back guarantee! So you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain.

Range Rider Stockman Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Knife Salt Wate

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