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Table Cloths Embroidery Rectangular and Cloth Machin Philadelphia Mall Round Our shop OFFers the best service

Table Cloths Embroidery Rectangular and Round Table Cloth Machin


Table Cloths Embroidery Rectangular and Round Table Cloth Machin

Product description

Item Description:

Tablecloth Table Cover Round Satin for Banquet Wedding Party Decor

Length: Diameter Suqare: 120X160cm 120X180cm....... Round:180cm 220 240cm......

Weight: more big more heavy

Materiel: Made of 100% Polyester

Relate: There are Many Table Décor in Our Store: Table Runner, Satin Chair Sash, Other Table Cover, Chair Cover Etc.

Application: Wedding, Parties, Celebrations, Graduations, Special event, Banquet Events, Decorations. DIY etc.

Product Details:

There areretangular cloth and round cloth for you to select.

Advantage of this fabric table cloth: Never pilling off, never fade color, easy to wash.

Item Specification:

Shape: ROUND

Pattern: Plain Dyed

Pattern Type: Floral

is_customized: Yes

Use: home

Technics: HANDMADE


Size: 120 inch

Material: polyester

Feature: Ice Silk

Table Cloths Embroidery Rectangular and Round Table Cloth Machin

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