$377 Thunder Group SLFC002, Stainless Steel Condiment Pack Holder wit Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Thunder Group SLFC002 Stainless Steel Holder Large discharge sale wit Pack Condiment vorsoncattle.com,Pack,$377,Thunder,SLFC002,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,wit,Steel,Stainless,Group,Holder,Condiment,/foussa3103300.html $377 Thunder Group SLFC002, Stainless Steel Condiment Pack Holder wit Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Thunder Group SLFC002 Stainless Steel Holder Large discharge sale wit Pack Condiment vorsoncattle.com,Pack,$377,Thunder,SLFC002,,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,wit,Steel,Stainless,Group,Holder,Condiment,/foussa3103300.html

Thunder Max 68% OFF Group SLFC002 Stainless Steel Holder Large discharge sale wit Pack Condiment

Thunder Group SLFC002, Stainless Steel Condiment Pack Holder wit


Thunder Group SLFC002, Stainless Steel Condiment Pack Holder wit

Product description

Item Package Quantity:3

One good way to ensure great customer service is by making sure that your restaurant has all the basic necessities to satisfy the customer's needs. Keep your condiment packs, such as sugar and salt, tidy and organized with this condiment holder. This condiment holder is made of stainless steel and accommodates 1/6 and 1/3 insert pans. Use the Thunder Group SLFC002 Condiment Pack Holder to keep your individually packed condiments, sauces, and shakers readily available to customers. Dimensions: 12" x 9" x 3/4".

Thunder Group SLFC002, Stainless Steel Condiment Pack Holder wit

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