$23 Star Shower Garden Art Light - Waterproof Solar Powered Fairy LE Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans Star Shower Garden Art Light - Max 51% OFF Solar LE Powered Fairy Waterproof LE,Solar,Star,$23,Garden,Shower,Fairy,vorsoncattle.com,Art,Light,Waterproof,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,-,Powered,/foussa3041200.html Star Shower Garden Art Light - Max 51% OFF Solar LE Powered Fairy Waterproof LE,Solar,Star,$23,Garden,Shower,Fairy,vorsoncattle.com,Art,Light,Waterproof,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,-,Powered,/foussa3041200.html $23 Star Shower Garden Art Light - Waterproof Solar Powered Fairy LE Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans

Star Shower Garden Art Light - Max 51% OFF Solar LE Powered Factory outlet Fairy Waterproof

Star Shower Garden Art Light - Waterproof Solar Powered Fairy LE


Star Shower Garden Art Light - Waterproof Solar Powered Fairy LE

Product Description


  • The watering can shape with ​String lights makes it look like it is pouring water, warm white dots are strung on the small copper wire. when the breeze blows,making you feel like living in a fairy tale manor.
  • Built-in solar rechargeable lithium battery without charging it.The solar garden decoration lights Create a unique focal spot in your after-dark garden by unleashing a cascade of the teeniest lights.
  • LED solar panel light is IP67 waterproof. The watering can does not have the water storage function, and no need to worry about rainwater storing in the pot and crushing the bracket.
  • The whole kettle lamp has been installed ,you don't need to pass the wire through the watering can holes,you just need to assemble the bracket and insert it into the soil of the lawn
  • LED copper string lights can be easily bent and shaped as you like. It is the ideal decorative light to create atmosphere .

Star Shower Garden Art Light - Waterproof Solar Powered Fairy LE

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