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ViewSys Portable Practica Pneumatic Brand Cheap Direct sale of manufacturer Sale Venue High Pneu Angle Right Torque

ViewSys Portable Practica Pneumatic High Torque Right Angle Pneu


ViewSys Portable Practica Pneumatic High Torque Right Angle Pneu

Product description

We are professional US sellers. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us at any time. We will be ready to provide you with answers.
Chuck size: 8mm-12mm (inch)

Idling speed: 10000 (rpm)

Average air consumption: 0.3m³/min

Air inlet size: 1/4 (inch)

Screw tapping ability: 8-12mm

Recommended tracheal diameter: 6 (mm)

Tool length: 220

Tool net weight: 1.3 (kg)

ViewSys Portable Practica Pneumatic High Torque Right Angle Pneu

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