Ba,Stool,,/facingly3202906.html,Bath,,$77,Adjustable,Mobility Daily Living Aids , Bathroom Safety, Aids Accessor,Chair,Stools,Shower,Bathroom,Universal $77 Universal Adjustable Bathroom Stool, Bath Stools,Shower Chair Ba Mobility Daily Living Aids Bathroom Safety, Aids Accessor Ba,Stool,,/facingly3202906.html,Bath,,$77,Adjustable,Mobility Daily Living Aids , Bathroom Safety, Aids Accessor,Chair,Stools,Shower,Bathroom,Universal $77 Universal Adjustable Bathroom Stool, Bath Stools,Shower Chair Ba Mobility Daily Living Aids Bathroom Safety, Aids Accessor Universal Adjustable Bathroom Stool Bath Ba Stools Daily bargain sale Shower Chair Universal Adjustable Bathroom Stool Bath Ba Stools Daily bargain sale Shower Chair

Universal Excellence Adjustable Bathroom Stool Bath Ba Stools Daily bargain sale Shower Chair

Universal Adjustable Bathroom Stool, Bath Stools,Shower Chair Ba


Universal Adjustable Bathroom Stool, Bath Stools,Shower Chair Ba

Product description


Are you looking for a bath bench or shower bench for your safety in the shower? Or is it for an elderly person who cannot stand for long?

Well, we bring you this tub transfer bench that is a shower chair design to be of great help in the shower especially for the elderly, those with back problems and all those who cannot stand for a long period of time.
This Shower Stool is Designed for Disabled, Elderly, Pregnant or Other Inconvenient Person. with Convenient and Safe for Daily Use.
Item Type: Height Adjustable Shower Stool / Shower Chair / Bath Bench
Material: Aluminum Alloy + Thickened Pe Board
Cleaning Method: Wet Cloth Scrub, Dry Naturally
Package List:
1 X Shower Stool
◆This Product Only Sells Shower Stools, and Does Not Contain Other Product Pictures.
◆When Measuring Manually, the Product Size May Show a Physical Error of 1-5 cm
◆Due to Strong Light, This Product Will Produce a Certain Color Difference. This is Normal and Inevitable. Thank You for Understanding!
◆You Should Always Read the Labels, Warnings and Instructions Provided with the Product Before Using or Consuming It and Not Solely Rely on the Information Presented on Our Website.
◆Welcome to Our Shop ! If You Have Any Specific Product Queries, Please Contact Ours.

Check all screws and push buttons for tightness before each use. Do not place this bath seat on an uneven or non-level surface. Do not use if the seat is unstable. Do not stand on the seat.

Universal Adjustable Bathroom Stool, Bath Stools,Shower Chair Ba

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