LELEBEAR Halloween Pumpkin Snack Stand B Bowl High quality new Hocus-Pocus Bowl,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Halloween,$29,LELEBEAR,vorsoncattle.com,Pumpkin,Hocus-Pocus,Snack,B,/facingly3106706.html,Snack,Stand, $29 LELEBEAR Halloween Pumpkin Snack Bowl Stand, Hocus-Pocus Snack B Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining LELEBEAR Halloween Pumpkin Snack Stand B Bowl High quality new Hocus-Pocus Bowl,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Halloween,$29,LELEBEAR,vorsoncattle.com,Pumpkin,Hocus-Pocus,Snack,B,/facingly3106706.html,Snack,Stand, $29 LELEBEAR Halloween Pumpkin Snack Bowl Stand, Hocus-Pocus Snack B Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

LELEBEAR Halloween Max 43% OFF Pumpkin Snack Stand B Bowl High quality new Hocus-Pocus

LELEBEAR Halloween Pumpkin Snack Bowl Stand, Hocus-Pocus Snack B


LELEBEAR Halloween Pumpkin Snack Bowl Stand, Hocus-Pocus Snack B

Product description

Color:6 Cups

Halloween Pumpkin Snack Bowl Stand,Hocus-Pocus Snack Bowl Stand,Adorable Broomstick Snack Bowl Stand,Dessert Stands Fruit Plates for Halloween Xmas Party Decorations


--This authentic-looking, tabletop broom props three ceramic, pumpkin-shaped bowls for serving up all kinds of goodies.

--Work your witchery over a Halloween buffet with our adorable Hocus Pocus Snack Bowl Stand.


Halloween snack bowl serving piece

Shaped like vintage witch?s broom

Three plastic pumpkin-shaped bowls

Anchored by sturdy plastic handle

Food-safe for hot amp; cold refreshments


Realistic broom bristles, skillfully crafted plastic

Stand: hand wash only with damp cloth

Removable, plastic bowls: microwave- and dishwasher-safe

Each snack rack gives a corresponding number of pumpkin cups

Package included:

1*Halloween Pumpkin Snack Bowl Stand


Please allow 0-1 cm measurement error due to manual carving and crafting.

Dear customer, in order to allow you to better observe the product, our pictures are all enlarged,

and the actual size shall prevail. Thank you for your understanding.

After-Sale Warranty:

Hello! Thank you for choosing our products and services!

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and your encouragement is our greatest motivation!

In case you are not so satisfied with the products you have purchased, please send us an email!

We will listen carefully to your opinions and provide you with a satisfactory solution.

LELEBEAR Halloween Pumpkin Snack Bowl Stand, Hocus-Pocus Snack B

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How to find the return distance between two places?
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How to calculate the return distance between two places?
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