$158 Glass Clear Tarpaulin,Transparent Waterproof Shade Tarp Plastic Tools Home Improvement Hardware Glass Clear Tarpaulin Transparent Shade Waterproof Plastic Tarp Super beauty product restock quality top! $158 Glass Clear Tarpaulin,Transparent Waterproof Shade Tarp Plastic Tools Home Improvement Hardware Glass Clear Tarpaulin Transparent Shade Waterproof Plastic Tarp Super beauty product restock quality top! vorsoncattle.com,Clear,Waterproof,Tarp,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Glass,Tarpaulin,Transparent,Shade,Plastic,/divisional3103522.html,$158 vorsoncattle.com,Clear,Waterproof,Tarp,Tools Home Improvement , Hardware,Glass,Tarpaulin,Transparent,Shade,Plastic,/divisional3103522.html,$158

Glass Clear Tarpaulin Transparent Shade Waterproof Plastic Tarp Super beauty product Beauty products restock quality top

Glass Clear Tarpaulin,Transparent Waterproof Shade Tarp Plastic


Glass Clear Tarpaulin,Transparent Waterproof Shade Tarp Plastic

Product description

Welcome to the Gcxzb store.
●Very useful soft glass tarpaulin! Provide you with high-quality surface protection.

?Whether you are planning your next adventure or covering a leaky roof, you will find a reliable waterproof tarp in our shop to meet various challenges!

?Protective tarpaulin provides a wide range of professional uses for various occasions every day. Used as paint protection, plants in greenhouses, garden furniture, tents and camping sites, wood, swimming pools, etc.

?We can customize various sizes and grommet spacing according to your needs. If you have any questions, please contact us first.

[Product manual]
●Name: Transparent waterproof tarpaulin
●Material: PVC
●Size: width × length
● Hole spacing: 50cm
●Hole diameter: 1.2cm
●Thickness: 0.4mm
●Weight: 450g/m2
● quantity: 1
● Cleaning method: It can be cleaned with soap or warm water, but cannot be cleaned in a machine.

●Because it needs curling, binding, and hot-melt stitching, the final size is 3-5cm shorter than the specified cutting size. This is not a quality issue.
●Due to the shooting, light, display effect and other factors, there will inevitably be a certain color difference.
● Not suitable for hanging in strong wind. If it needs to be blocked, please use the support tool to fix it. And it should not be pulled too hard.
● Make sure to install at an inclined angle so that rainwater can flow out.
●Due to the vacuum packaging, there may be wrinkles upon receipt. For the first time, lightly tap the object to restore its original shape.
● It is inevitable that the backpack is brand new, so some original smell will be smelled. After leaving the backpack in a ventilated place for 2 to 3 days, the smell disappeared.
If you need any help,contact the seller.

Glass Clear Tarpaulin,Transparent Waterproof Shade Tarp Plastic

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