E,/divisional3103422.html,27,Wrought,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,LED,Lamp,Lamp,Retro,Lighting,vorsoncattle.com,$37,Style,ttpinpai,Ir,Wall $37 ttpinpai Retro Style Wall Lamp E 27 LED Lighting Lamp Wrought Ir Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans ttpinpai Retro Style Wall Lamp Latest item E 27 Lighting Ir Wrought LED ttpinpai Retro Style Wall Lamp Latest item E 27 Lighting Ir Wrought LED $37 ttpinpai Retro Style Wall Lamp E 27 LED Lighting Lamp Wrought Ir Tools Home Improvement Lighting Ceiling Fans E,/divisional3103422.html,27,Wrought,Tools Home Improvement , Lighting Ceiling Fans,LED,Lamp,Lamp,Retro,Lighting,vorsoncattle.com,$37,Style,ttpinpai,Ir,Wall

ttpinpai Retro Style Wall Lamp Latest item OFFicial shop E 27 Lighting Ir Wrought LED

ttpinpai Retro Style Wall Lamp E 27 LED Lighting Lamp Wrought Ir


ttpinpai Retro Style Wall Lamp E 27 LED Lighting Lamp Wrought Ir

Product description


welcome to our shop. Thank you for choosing and using our products.feature:✌ Fashionable shape and saturated texture make the light soft and comfortable, exuding the connection of warmth and love.✌ Our wall lamps are made of high-quality materials, which have good heat dissipation and durability.✌ The wall lamp has high color rendering, restores the true color, the screen does not flicker, and protects your eyes.Product parameter✌ Product name: wall lamp✌ Light source: E 27 LED (without light source)✌ Style: Retro✌ Material: Iron✌ Color: black✌ Dimensions: A: 26*28 12 cm away from the wall, B: 36*30 12 cm away from the wall✌ Voltage: 110-240V✌ Certification: 3 C, CE, FCC, C TL certification✌ Application: bedroom, living room, study, homestay, hotel, etc.✌ Packing list:1 x wall lamp;1 x assembly accessories;1 x manual.We make sure to use real and high-quality materials, and use actual actions to prove that we are more attentive to your quality and safety!

ttpinpai Retro Style Wall Lamp E 27 LED Lighting Lamp Wrought Ir

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