Fomoyi,of,,Stainless,Funnels,/divisional3103322.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,3,for,Small,$41,Steel,Funnels,Set,Kitche Fomoyi Stainless Steel Funnels Set Small Kitche 3 Limited time cheap sale of for $41 Fomoyi Stainless Steel Funnels,Set of 3 Small Funnels for Kitche Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Fomoyi Stainless Steel Funnels Set Small Kitche 3 Limited time cheap sale of for $41 Fomoyi Stainless Steel Funnels,Set of 3 Small Funnels for Kitche Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Fomoyi,of,,Stainless,Funnels,/divisional3103322.html,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,3,for,Small,$41,Steel,Funnels,Set,Kitche

Fomoyi Stainless Steel Funnels Set Small Kitche 3 Limited time cheap List price sale of for

Fomoyi Stainless Steel Funnels,Set of 3 Small Funnels for Kitche


Fomoyi Stainless Steel Funnels,Set of 3 Small Funnels for Kitche

Product description

Why Choose Fomoyi's Food Funnels for Kitchen?
♥Our funnel can help to fill your bottles and jars without a mess.
♥Precious liquid like essential oils and expensive liquor won’t be wasted.
♥All flavorings can be poured into small jars without spilling everywhere.

1.Our stainless steel funnel is made of superior quality stainless steel,which is 100% food-grade
materials,so that you can enjoy the delicious food at ease!
2.A helpful Humanized handle for your convenient use.
3.The funnel is easy to clean and save.
4.Professional cleaning brush for more convenient and clean.
5.Removable strainer:you can remove it when it was unnecessary.
6.Food filters meet your multiple needs.

Material of Funnel: Food grade Stainless Steel.
Funnel in 2 size:Large funnels: 3in / 7.5cm,stem: 0.5in / 1.2cm, medium funnels :2.2in /
5.5cm,stem:0.4in / 1cm, small funnels:1.8in / 4.5cm,stem:0.2in / 0.5cm,
Package Information:
3x Premium kitchen funnel
The food filter operating temperature within 100 degrees.
Before using the food filter, wash in warm and soapy water before first.

Fomoyi Stainless Steel Funnels,Set of 3 Small Funnels for Kitche

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